Extras, actors, models for movies and adverts needed - South Africa

Wannabe a Model?

1. Do you love being photographed and do you photograph well?

2. Do you love being in front of the public?

3. Would you do the above with or without pay just for the
enjoyment or experience?

4. Are you confident and determined to be a model?

5. Are you willing to limit your diet to maintain an optimum
weight and skin condition?

Wannabe an Actor?

1. Do you love acting, attending and participating in plays and
going to movies?

2. Are you the life of the party, a “born entertainer” or a
drama queen or king?

3. Do you read well and memorize easily?

4. Do you dream and visualize yourself center stage, on TV or
the big screen?

5. Are you willing and able to take acting classes for years?

Send your details to Distinguished Artists & Events
Management; your full name, city, age, talent type, attach 2 of your clear

Within few minutes it will be verified, and become searchable by
Distinguished Artists & Events Management. If we see a potential in you,
you could receive a notification to sign up with us.

Fax: (011) 330-9560/1

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